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Êtes-vous prêts à entrer dans l'univers "Born to be magic"?

La vie est un don pas une promesse, ce qui compte est ce que l'on fait et laisse derrière soi.
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Eric is a magician, a creator, inhabited by a gentle and powerful energy, he expresses himself with strength and lightness. In France or elsewhere in the world, in French, English or German, on stage or a few centimeters from you, to entertain you or for a marketing and relational operation, discover its services.

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His Universe, his magic

Portrait of Éric Borner (Seen by Mr. Davy G.)


Meet an affable and charismatic artist.

Would you like to enjoy excellence in magic? Eric Borner is its prodigious messenger.

A voluptuous dexterity and a temperament of fire: this is how he distills the precious essence of his Art.

A passionate and fascinating illusionist.

A show by Eric Borner is a powerful experience flirting relentlessly with perfection in an effort to take care of all details so as to make you feel like a special guest.

At the core of all his appearances, he surprises the senses reawakening them and inviting you little by little to enter into a refined dance which you wish to be endless.

An opposition between the power of a myth and the sensitivity of a man, who is not a magician, he is Eric Borner.

A perfect blend of humility and talent, his gaze is deep, his emotions are sincere, his gestures are refined, his magic is pure.

His secret is a gift, a promise of a precious moment, impactful, memorable, which simply conveys the evidence.

He is … Born to be magic…

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La vie est un don pas une promesse, ce qui compte est ce que l'on fait et laisse derrière soi.




The demise of a loved one whom he dreams of making reappear will lead him to start his performances.

When he was 13, for his first performance in public, he invited his parents who were completely unaware of what he was up to and discovered it for the first time when he was on the stage.

This self-taught young magician went on stage wearing simply a pair of jeans and a T-shirt carrying a small plastic suitcase full of scarves, decks of cards and snooker balls. For hours on end he had trained for a dream lasting a few minutes.

A magician named Kinos took him under his wing and supported him in his first steps in the world of magic.

That is when he decided to turn his passion into his profession so as to make that dream continue on.

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Eric ! YOU are AMAZING ! Stella LOVE’s you. Stella Mc Cartney

Eric Borner is a natural born performer, his cool looks and charisma helps to mystify his audience with his incredible skills. Eric has great stage presence and I believe he will go far with his art. If you want to be mesmerized and astonished ‎book him! Uri Geller

Pour Eric le « Super Magic » bravo et à très bientôt Paul Belmondo

C’était très beau, la pureté, j’ai adoré. Otto Wesseli

Pour Eric mes amitiés. Renaud Séchand



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