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Êtes-vous prêts à entrer dans l'univers "Born to be magic"?

La vie est un don pas une promesse, ce qui compte est ce que l'on fait et laisse derrière soi.




He decides to put in place a new scenic show, where he wants to finish with a human performance.

Pure magic without any faking for a unique goal: totally uniting with the audience.

Many long months of physical and mental work, to reach this ultimate accomplishment.

Eric renews and reinforces his team to be able to answer the growing demand of spectators.

Eric  also works  on the conception and on a new design of his cards. He requires the best and is surrounded by talented artists and a graphic designer, learning the work of Indian ink, for unique cards signed Eric Borner.

He  develops an interactive show, playing between screens and the audience in the room. A request from his fans always desiring to be more associated to his magic tricks.

Finally, he puts in place a new show based around mentalism that he shares on stage or in front of your eyes.

Clearly, Eric has not finished to surprise us.


Marketing & Creation of new show & Projet

The impressive appearance of a motorbike, with the engine revving, on stage in front of numerous stunned spectators who came to assist the unthinkable.

Back on the regional set of Alsace 20 where he bluffs Nicolas Riefel and Delphine Wespiser.

CroisiEurope and Loeb Event attach themselves to his services to amaze kids and grownups.

He continues to do numerous galas and develops at the same time his Close-up Act "Prestige", in which the guests in limited number live a unique experience being as close as possible to Eric and are part of the show!


Europe Marketing

After the success of the show "Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde", Eric was hired for many shows across Europe, on stage or close-up.

He offered his services in promotional marketing projects (such as for a "visual creation of a man weightlessly suspended for the promotion of a Mastercard contactless credit card).

He also held a number of seminars on distortion of reality, rebounding, risk taking, stress management, etc., which are present both in magic and in businesses.


Ring WRC & Plus Grand Cabaret

Eric Borner had the pleasure to perform a card manipulation trick on the stage of «Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde», a TV programme on France 2, presented by Patrick Sébastien.

This TV programme was broadcast on TV5 Monde the week after.

The performance by Éric Borner was selected and broadcast 3 weeks later in “Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde” programme.

Eric was elected Vice-President of the Ring 388 of the «International Brotherhood of Magicians»

He made a prediction, which was sealed in a small case under the control of a bailiff and was video-recorded and played round the clock for 3 days before the final race of the Rally World Championship « Rallye WRC ».

Successful illusion. He predicted the final standing and times of the drivers.


Téléportation 3000 & Clone

Eric had the pleasure of presenting his performances with «Pussy Cat Dolls» and «Sting».

He also created an illusion called «Le Clone». He made Miss «Tour Alsace» appear and tripled her by materializing her reflection on the stage of «Paradis des sources».

In the same year, Eric created and screenplayed a performance in which he teleported in 2 seconds a wine-maker closed in a cask buried at a depth of 3 metres in the ground in front of an audience of 3000 people.


Gala Media

Eric participated in the Mont-Blanc des Medias with a great parterre of celebrities (Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, Faustine Bollaert, Jérôme Anthony, Sandrine Corman, Julien Arnaud, Sandrine Quétier, Sidonie Bonnec, Philippe Doucet, Magali Lunel, Eric Revel, Louise Ekland, Stéphane Thébaut, Roland Perez, …), whom he “literally bluffed” according to Gala magazine.


Orchestre & Cinema

Instantaneous appearance of a symphony orchestra in front of 1000 people.

Eric put his talent at the service of cinema projects staging special effects and above all he obtained a primary role.

In the same year he levitated Sylvie Tellier (Miss France 2002 and CEO of Miss France company) on the occasion of the final Miss Alsace competition.


Folie Flore

Eric designed and staged the final show of the Folie Flore exhibition at the Parc des Expositions in Mulhouse for 130 000 visitors. More than a magic trick, it was a universal message. Accompanied by some fifty people at the service with the same goal: the declination of consciousness.



Eric was hired to design a unique performance for the appearance of a car for the launch of the new Porsche 911. Challenge accepted! He made the car appear with  lightening two metres away from the audience.


Incroyable Talent

Eric was a finalist in the programme «La France a un incroyable talent» on channel M6.



Eric presented his performance on board MSC Musica, the largest European cruise ship at that time.



Eric participated with Patrick Juvet, Eric Blanc and many other artists in cabaret shows. He made appear on the stage Cindy Fabre, Miss France 2004, in front of an amazed Geneviève de Fontenay.

He ended the year among the 12 best magicians of France (Paris Première).



Eric extended his tour to Europe and presented his performances in the Hispanic Palaces.


Rêve Ass

The Rêve association calls him to fulfil the desire of a sick child who wanted to meet him.

In the same year Eric becomes the official magician of the Casino du Jura.

He presented his show on the Esplanade du Champs de Mars in front of more than 5000 people.



Eric performed in Germany and Switzerland. He created a show dedicated to peace in the world.



First great illusion: a levitation in front of 3000 people at the Parc des expositions in Mulhouse.



Eric performed across France. The audience was moved by this humble and poetic young man.


Equipe Scenique

In order to make his shows more professional, Eric hired his first team with sound and light engineers, firework engineer and stage partner.

Numerous artists, such as David Hallyday or Hélène Ségara, were amazed by his tricks in front of the cameras on national TV.


TV Region

Eric participated in various local and national TV programmes.



Eric participated in the «nuit de la magie» and offered his fee to an association involved in scientific research to help children with leukaemia.



Eric performed shows across Alsace.


1er Show

Eric presented his first show in front of 500 people.

He was the youngest magician of the “cercle de magie de France”.

His young age and his talent and ease moved the audience.

At that time he was featured in many articles in magazines who depicted him as being extrovert on the stage, yet discreet in private.