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Êtes-vous prêts à entrer dans l'univers "Born to be magic"?

La vie est un don pas une promesse, ce qui compte est ce que l'on fait et laisse derrière soi.

Creating and Marketing

Would you like to promote a product or a service in an original manner or develop a show around a theme or simply fulfil a dream? Éric Borner can create for you a show tailored to your needs, your desires and your budget. A show just for you! He puts at your service his magic and his experience to develop tricks that are going to mark and seduce even the most reluctant souls. Éric will make your product come to life in a performance that will be perfectly suitable to your standard. From the appearance of your latest car model to the materialization of your brand-new watch or the implementation of your certification and also reinforcing your credibility. This will optimize the impact of your promotion by associating your image to an elegant magic trick. We have no limits. Do you have any?